Born 1982. Lives and works in Bath (UK)

Graduates in Fashion Studies at University of Bologna (Italy) in 2008.

After several years in the fashion industry, enrolls at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in 2017.

Erasmus Exchange programme at Bath Spa University in 2019-20.


  • Untitled 2020 (online group show),, 25th September 2020

  • Really/Real_FaB20 (online group show),, 22nd May - 7th June 2020

  • Art Night (group show) Academy of Fine Art of Venice, 23rd June 2018



My sources of inspiration are immaterial and ephemeral circumstances - light and shadows, dreams, suspended time, transience, absence and ghostly presences - and how they interact with objects, and inhabit domestic spaces. I see these as an allegory for mental health issues and abuse, and how they linger and manifest in survivors' daily lives.

Particularly, I have a fascination for outdated non-functional things and furniture that have survived ages and trends but are still in use. I tend to humanise them, projecting feelings and thoughts on them as if they were people, or rather magical creatures in disguise among us, with a secret life of their own. I sometimes find myself wondering how these silent witnesses of our lives see us, and if they feel something when destroyed, or thrown away, or left behind. Having lived half my life in rented houses, moving from one city to another, surrounded by objects and spaces that belonged to and were meant for someone else, I have often wondered what kind of mute memories they carry with them, what kind of issues they have witnessed in their existence, and what traces were left on their skin.

My attention is often drawn by the connections with the past, and by lingering feelings acting as filters through which reality is transformed. An early encounter with De Chirico's art has shaped my taste and intentions with a metaphysical approach. Literature and psychology are also important filters in my practice.

My process develops from a casual encounter with the image (from real life, from a description in a book or from second-hand pictures). Then an elaboration begins that may last a few weeks or many months, and it takes place mostly in my brain, sometimes in cooperation with digital media. Once the image is fixed in my mind, the real challenge begins on canvas, where the main decisions materialise - such as the painterly "skin", the size, the colours. I work mainly with oil paint, I am very intrigued by the possibilities in working wet on dry, where each colour is a layer and the interactions between colours are out of sync, lagged. This choice makes the skin of the painting slippery, allowing “accidents” and transparency, changes the texture of the primed canvas, and lets former layers surface and claim their presence from underneath the latter ones.